<aside> 📌 GradJoy manages your student loans — helping you save money and be debt-free faster.


November, 2020 (v2.2.4+)

🌟 Improved Homepage


We have improved the homepage view in the latest version GradJoy. The homepage will automatically update based on your debt-free plan. It'll highlight the relevant GradJoy features for you to become debt-free faster. The homepage is also the primary way to access every aspect of the app (incl. Payment, Forgiveness, etc.)

✨ New Progress Screen

We have created a new progress screen that will allow you to quickly see all relevant metrics to your loans. From one screen you will be able to see your account balances, projected debt-free dates, savings from using GradJoy and much more!


🤖 Timeline Revamp


We simplified the timeline view to more accurately show relevant actions happening to your loans month-by-month. You will be able to see in more detail the effect of your payments, as well as, see when loans are predicted to be payed off.

✨ Dedicated Payments Screen

We created a dedicated screen to see all of your payment history with GradJoy. You will be able to access this screen by clicking the "Extra Payments" card in your homepage.


🐛 Bug Fixes and other improvements

<aside> 👋 We'd love to hear what you think of this update. Let us know by contacting support through the app or reach out to our team at [email protected]